Bend the Healthcare Trend

Health insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive. A disturbing value equation is formed when consumers are isolated from the actual cost of healthcare. Every healthcare consumer is personally responsible for a small portion of our country’s total healthcare spending, and individual users have the power to turn this troubling value equation around.

When consumers are engaged and educated about healthcare costs, total spending slows down, reducing the rate of healthcare inflation. This translates into savings for both consumers and employers.

Bend the Healthcare Trend is an important contribution
to lowering healthcare costs and promoting individual responsibility!

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Make America’s healthcare great again

Healthcare used to be personal. Doctors like Marcus Welby visited our homes to take care of us and the process wasn’t complicated. Sadly, that was a long time ago and before the government, health insurers and providers (hospitals, pharmacy, doctors) took over our healthcare. These rule-makers designed our current system to suit their needs — not the people and employers (consumers) they serve.

Can the government and private market work together on healthcare reform?

It depends.  They already do work together, the model just needs to evolve.  How?  By respecting the boundary between government and the private market – and the application of private sector management principles, the government can work with the private sector to insure the uninsured and lower cost.

“Free” sounds good…until the bill comes

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted that 13m Americans would buy health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges in 2016, with 11m of them receiving subsidies to help pay premiums.  That is 40% lower than the 21m enrollees predicted last year.