ShiftShapersOnline Podcast: Bend the Healthcare Trend (2nd Edition), Part 2
Mark Gaunya and Jennifer Borislow continue their discussion from last episode about why healthcare is so expensive and share their ideas to slow rising prices. With the release of the second edition of their book Bend the Healthcare Trend, Mark and Jennifer are advocating for consumer-driven healthcare as the solution to rising expenses…

ShiftShapersOnline Podcast: Bend the Healthcare Trend (2nd Edition), Part 1
Nine years ago, Mark Gaunya and Jennifer Borislow wrote “Bend The Healthcare Trend” to explore how healthcare consumers could counteract the damaging effect of a system with misaligned incentives, opaque pricing schemes, and unnecessary complexity. They are about to release the 2nd edition of their definitive book and ShiftShapers talks to them about…

Mark on 560 WGAN News Radio
Mark talks about how consumer-driven health and wellness plans help lower insurance costs on the “Inside Maine with Phil Harriman” radio show on April 7th, 2012.

Insurance News Net“Invent Yourself”

NBOA Net Assets Magazine“Let’s Stay Together”

Broker Awareness Radio Campaign
MassAHU recently announced the below 60 second radio spot is one of two that will begin airing soon on WRKO AM680 as a major part of their Broker Awareness Campaign.  Kiersten Peterson of Winston Flowers provided excellent testimonials of their recent Broker experiences with current MassAHU President Mark Gaunya.

Kiersten Peterson of Winston Flowers (click to listen!)

Insurance News Net“Repositioning Reform – Be the Health Advisor for the Change Ahead”

Thompson Employee Benefit Series“Reducing Healthcare Costs for Employers”

Employee Benefit Adviser“Drive to Succeed”
“Borislow Insurance’s Jennifer Borislow and Mark Gaunya take their passion for consumer-driven health care to the presses with the publication of their first book, Bend the Healthcare Trend.”
-By Elizabeth Galentine

Employee Benefit News“They’ve got the drive”
Growing up in a family of health care entrepreneurs, Mark Gaunya grew frustrated observing the way the American health care system kept patients disengaged from the cost and quality of their own care.  So in 2000, when he had the oppurtunity to join a firm that was promoting the notion of consumer-driven health care long before health reimbursement arrangements or health savings accounts came into practice, he was all game.
-By Elizabeth Galentine

Insurance News Net“Business Perspectives on Health Care Reform”
“Health care reform is a complicated challenge and one without a simple solution.  Where do we start?  Let’s look at the best practices and lessons learned from the Massachusetts “experiment.”
-By Mark S. Gaunya, GBA

Insurance News Net“Health VS. Care”
“Health care costs are soaring.  After many failed attempts to control these costs, it’s time to rethink the words “health care” by putting more emphasis on health and less on care.”
-By Mark S. Gaunya, GBA

Insurance News Net“Be Careful What You Wish For, America…”
“As the economy continues to struggle with high unemployment and massive amounts of new debt, Congress has enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This law will insure 32 million more Americans – with 50 percent of them enrolled in Medicaid, which will force many states to take an active role in maaging health care, raise taxes, and grapple with exponentially higher health insurance premiums.”
-By Mark S. Gaunya, GBA“Finding His Way”“A Perfect Balance”