Building Healthcare Confidence

Mark Gaunya explains how “Bend The Healthcare Trend” can help to create and implement a successful Consumer Driven Health Plan Strategy.

The strategies and tactics behind a successful Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) are far more than just a high deductible tacked onto a health plan. The ultimate goal of a CDHP is to help create educated and empowered health care consumers. “Bend The Healthcare Trend”, Mark Gaunya and Jennifer Borislow’s definitive book on the subject takes readers step by step through the process.  The book is filled with practical advice and actual case studies. In this 12-part, fast-paced interview series, Mark Gaunya hits all of the highlights and illustrates with some of the book’s case studies.

Each week we will release the next chapter of the 12-part interview series, so make sure to bookmark us and check back!  Just like the book, the interviews will be full of advice you can use today to help empower your employees.

Chapter 1 – The Primer



Chapter 2 – The CDHP Value Proposition



Chapter 3 – The CDHP Engine: Healthcare Account Structures



Chapter 4 – A Culture of Health and Wellness

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