A Testimonial from Frank:

“On a personal note, after reading your book, my wife and I have decided to take personal responsibility to improve our health.  We have each lost over 25 pounds and are eating healthier, exercising and encouraging other to do the same.  I recommend your book every time someone compliments me on my weight loss.  My wife has gotten a real encouraging report from her doctor, is no longer taking diabetes medicine and I have cut my high blood pressure medicine dosage by 75%.  Had I not read your book, none of this would have happened.  Many thanks.  I agree totally with the philosophy of your book.”

With a commitment to health and wellness, BEND THE HEALTHCARE TREND is right on target with their ‘New Approach’ to encouraging health and wellness with transparency, responsibility and opportunity. Individuals become invested when they are empowered and engaged to take responsibility for their own health with education, initiatives and resources. Mark and Jennifer’s passion and commitment to providing solutions for the health care trend is exemplified in these written words.

Deborah Hodges
President & CEO, Health Plans Inc.

By focusing on consumerism and well-being – two concepts often absent from the seemingly endless healthcare debates in America -- BEND THE HEALTHCARE TREND offers some new and innovative twists on some very old problems.

Robert Stone
Executive Vice President, Berkley Accident & Health

As someone who deals with the constant dilemmas and drawbacks of our healthcare system, reading BEND THE HEALTHCARE TREND provides employers and industry advisors a true vision of what drastic changes need to be made, how to implement the vision, and what breakthroughs we can achieve. An inspiriting read.

Adam Russo
CEO, The Phia Group, LLC

Must-read material for corporate leaders and human resource teams.

Christopher Brown
President & CEO, Berkley Accident & Health

Combining the consumerism strategies in this book with the alternative financing models the authors reference will undoubtedly become the next big innovation in US employers’ battle to take back control of health care spend. Bend the Healthcare Trend offers essential, implementable insights on lowering insurance costs for C-level decision makers and human resource professionals.

James Hoitt
Senior Vice President, Captives Division, Berkley Accident & Health

BEND THE HEALTHCARE TREND makes a clear case for the positive impact of greater cost transparency and consumer-driven engagement. This second edition brings fresh insights to the dialogue about healthcare in America.

Claire Leheny
Executive Director, Association of Independent Schools in New England

BEND THE HEALTHCARE TREND is a refreshing dose of pragmatic thinking pointing the US Healthcare discussion in a whole new direction while identifying a range of innovative solutions most media and government figures have not yet closely considered. A major achievement and must read in its second edition!

Laurie Hurd
Executive Director, Independent Schools Association of northern New England